October 25, 2011

Oktoberfest Tasting

This year I'm trying to be more on top of my seasonal beers. So far I'm running a little bit behind but not as bad as I have been in the past. I finished up The lagering period of my oktoberfest and quickly got it into bottles.
I Have had several commercial Oktoberfest's (unlike me professional breweries are way ahead of the curve many were released in mid-september) so i had that experience to fall back on. As usual designing great beers was vital in the formulation of the recipe. 
Also for the evaluation of this beer (and all others from now on) I began using the BJCP evaluation sheet and scoring my beers on a point scale. 
Aroma(10/12): Rich malt, slightly sweet finish, hints of sulfur compounds/esters, no hop aroma present. Could be improved with more mall aroma or a heavier malt aroma. An added presence of hops in the aroma would make things more interesting too. 
Appearance(3/3): Brilliantly clear, long lasting white head, bright copper color
Flavor(18/20): Malty complexity, clean fermentation character, slightly sweet finish, could use more hop flavor 
Mouthfeel(5/5): slightly watery, appropriate carbonation level
Overall Impression(9/10): Great drinking beer, goes down easy without blowing out pallet, could use more malt character/body (addition of melanoidin malt or cara pils) additional nobel hop aroma would add complexity at the risk of making the beer rougher on the pallet. 
Total Score(45/50): Outstanding range 

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